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Reuters: “Is America ready for a Mormon president?”

November 27, 2006

Article: Is America ready for a Mormon president? (Reuters) – “Social conservative is to the right of both GOPers McCain and Giuliani”

The once-isolated sect based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one of the world’s fastest growing and most affluent religions, with 12.3 million members globally.

This can be very misleading.

But its past could haunt a Romney presidential campaign, including its now-severed links to polygamy and a former ban on blacks from leadership roles.

The Mormon Church would like you to think it has completely severed links with polygamy, but there’s a catch. The Church takes no modern, official position on whether the practice will be re-introduced. As the continued presence of D&C 132 in the Mormon canon indicates, the doctrine of polygamy is far from completely disavowed. “The doctrine continues today in subtle form. If a wife dies a husband may be sealed in the temple with another wife without annulling the previous sealing. Thus, the man is expected to spend eternity in union with at least those two wives. Some mainstream Mormons also hold that the practice will continue in the Millenial Kingdom. Some, but few, still assert that plural marriage is necessary for Celestial exaltation (as attested to by Brigham Young).” (>>)


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