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Meridian Magazine: “Can LDS Film Director Mitch Davis Help Mitt Romney Get in the White House?”

November 29, 2006

Article: Can LDS Film Director Mitch Davis Help Mitt Romney Get in the White House? – Interview with Mitch Davis. Note: Meridian Magazine is a Mormon publication.

Our biggest concern will be finding a way to address the issue of anti-Mormonism without fanning those same flames. The last thing any Evangelical Christians want is to feel that by voting for Mitt Romney, they are voting for or promoting Mormonism.

Oh? Consider what Mitch said earlier in the interview:

It is hard for me to imagine anything about a Mitt Romney presidency that could be negative for the Church. I cannot think of a more capable, flawless representative of our faith than Mitt Romney and his beautiful family. Have you seen pictures of those people? Have you seen the words pundits use to describe Mitt? He is “Matinee Mitt,” “The Holy Cow Candidate,” “The Mighty Mitt Romney.” A Mitt Romney presidency would take our Church places it might not otherwise ever go in terms of world perception. And it will be another hundred years before we get a chance like this to put someone like Mitt in the White House.

Voting for Mitt, according to Mitch Davis, benefits Mormonism by putting it in a positive light. Is it any wonder, then, that Christians would feel like they would be “voting for or promoting Mormonism”?

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