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Video: “Mitt Romney and Mormonism”

December 11, 2006

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That’s the official name for what is otherwise known as the Mormon Church. Most people associate Mormons with missionaries on bikes, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and polygamy. Of course, that’s not the whole story. The Mormons are a peculiar people, with a unique set of beliefs and quite a history.

Meet Mitt Romney. Romney is a Mormon Republican who’d like to be the next president. People are asking the question: Will his religion affect whether or not evangelicals vote for him? That’s a good question. But to many of us evangelical Christians in Utah who witness to Mormons, we think there are more important questions. Will this be an opportunity for the public to learn about what Mormonism really teaches? Will the doctrines of Mormonism be accurately portrayed? Will people understand the differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity?

This video is more about Mormonism than it is about Mitt Romney. We use an interview Romney had on the Charlie Rose show as a springboard for conversation.


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  1. Introduction
  2. Will Christ Appear Again in Missouri?
  3. Does God the Father have a Material Body?
  4. Does God the Father have a Father?
  5. Is the Great Flood the Most Unusual Belief in Mormonism?
  6. Ambiguity, Transition, and Diversity in Mormonism
  7. Should Christians Vote for a Mormon?
  8. Credits


The individual interviewees were not officially speaking for their respective organizations. Title and affiliation for identification purposes only.


“Reenactment of Mormon temple ceremony” should read “Reenactment of pre-1990 Mormon temple ceremony”. The endowment ceremony was significantly changed in 1990.

Note from the producer

Grace and peace in Christ. This video is not meant to definitively support or oppose Romney as a presidential candidate. In fact, when people ask me whether I would personally vote for him, I am ambivalent. As a Christian countercultist, my primary interest is in replacing Mormonism with Christianity and inoculating outsiders with up-front information about Mormonism. Romney’s candidacy provides an unprecedented opportunity to make Mormonism a public issue. Some argue that electing Romney as president would legitimize the religion as “Christian” in the eyes of millions. Others argue that it would give the media an opportunity to talk about things the Mormon Church and its PR department try very hard to obscure. Whatever position voters decide to take, I want them to be informed and thoughtful, knowing that there is Biblical allowance for voting for those of different religious worldviews. More importantly, I want the public exposure of Mormonism to appropriately alarm Christians and encourage them to actively evangelize the Mormon people.

Since having produced the video as a personal project, I have decided to point my evangelistic web site,, to I am now a part of the ministry, but want to make it clear that Mormonism Research Ministry was not involved in the production of the movie.


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