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Even if Mormonism is false, it’s still worth believing?

May 11, 2007

In World Magazine:

In a late April interview with Romney, WORLD asked: “The Apostle Paul is famous for saying that if the historical facts don’t back up Christianity, then his teaching—Paul’s teaching—is worthless and the Christian faith is futile. Would you be willing to say the same thing if it were shown that Joseph Smith made things up? Would it be fair to conclude that Mormon teaching is also worthless and futile?”

Romney was quick to answer. “I’m not going to take that hypothetical—OK?” he said, almost curtly, then softened. “I’m no Paul,” he added modestly.

This kind of talk rings familiar to me. I talk to so many Mormons here in Utah who believe that even if Mormonism isn’t true, it still might be worth it to believe in, and certainly—even if Mormonism is helping to send people to hell for idolatry—it isn’t worth opposing. I call this an “atheological tendency“. It’s the ultimate shrug.


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