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“Mitt Romney and Mormonism” Video Mentioned on Fox News

June 11, 2007

I ran across this YouTube video tonight and was happy to hear and my video mentioned.

I got the impression that Hugh Hewitt assumed my video promoted the idea that Mormons still practice polygamy like it was done pre-1890 (apart from the current polygamous temple sealings that still go on). But “Mitt Romney and Mormonism” only mentions in passing that people often associate Mormons with polygamy.

Of course Hewitt was quick to use the loaded “anti-Mormon” and “bigot” language. I really wish he would promote a thoughtful, intelligent discussion over the issues rather than inordinately depend on hot rhetoric. I’d love the opportunity to call him out on television for his irresponsible use of language and disrespect for thoughtful Christians who recognize the impact a person’s religious worldview can have on the rest of life and sincerely worry about the implications of public Mormon legitimization.


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