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Oh please, please stop asking embarrassing questions about our religion

December 23, 2007

In a Q&A with M. Russell Ballard and Quentin L. Cook:

IDEAS: I find myself wondering how you feel about even having to answer certain questions about your beliefs, like the one raised by Governor Huckabee about the relationship between Jesus and Satan?

BALLARD: In some ways, I think this matter of religion has got way out of whack, gone way beyond anything we’ve ever seen in the political arena before.

IDEAS: When you say it’s out of whack, what do you think would be appropriate?

BALLARD: At some point, in fairness, we ought to be hearing from the candidates as to what they would do to resolve the economy, what they would do to resolve the world affairs situation. Somehow, if the religious side could be set aside long enough for people to be able to evaluate each candidate – I don’t care who they are – as to how they’re going to solve the real problems, and there are real problems facing America. I just hope that we get some time along the way to be able to hear, really, what the solutions are being offered. We’ve got almost an obsession with this other side.


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