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Would Romney really make Mormonism more popular?

June 8, 2011

I think evangelicals should consider that a successful election for Romney is probably not a clear win-win for the Mormon religion. I’m willing to bet that the LDS leadership has a love-hate relationship with the idea of having a Mormon in the Whitehouse. It’s probably exciting for them, but they are probably also petrified over having Mormonism, its theology, and its history dragged into public discourse for all to consider.

Imagine what kind of things newspapers and blogs will be covering Mormonism if President Romney is successfully elected? If he even goes to an LDS ward every week? The Mormon Church has control over Correlation, but it does not have control over the New York Times.


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  1. Coastal Mapper permalink

    You would lose that bet. LDS leadership has no time to worry about politics. They work long hours every day in running this global church. If you do not believe me, try spending one day with one of them and try to keep up with these 70 – 85 year olds.

    Secondly, the Mormon church has been established since 1830 and for most of these 180 years there has been a constant flow of criticisms directed toward the theology. Regarding the history, I have seen two basic histories surrounding the mormon church: one written its critics and the other by its members.

  2. I agree! The first time he ran, as an evangelical, I thought a Romney presidency might make Mormonism more mainstream. But now I’m with you – i think it would expose their real beliefs, the ones they don’t mention on those cute “..and I’m a Mormon” commercials! Anyone using to get info on Mormonism would come away thinking they’re pracically freaking Baptists! LOL. so sly.

    • haylee permalink

      I am a mormon. and i would just like to ask, what do you mean by ‘real beliefs’?
      we have nothing to hide! what would there be to hide? there are no Secret Organizations, our church is not a cult, it is OUR choice to follow what our prophet says, nobody brainwashes us, and i have learned about the baptist church and we are like them in some ways but definately not ‘practically freaking Baptists!’ please explain. thanx!

      • bridget permalink

        Keith Walker of Evidence Minstries reads from on offical LDS publication.

    • JLFuller permalink

      You are one of those conspiracy types I talk about in my comments below. Just between you and me, if you get your information from an excommunicated former member or a Mormon hate site and they refer you to the Journal of Discourse or other opinion pieces from 150 years ago, I urge you go to and see what the apologists say about your sources. One more thing: prophets, apostles and church leaders are entitled to their own opinions but they does not make them doctrine. Just like Brigham Young’s hyperbole was not meant as doctrine either.

  3. Franco permalink

    The Mormons don’t have anything to hide why should they be worried? When you don’t have anything to hide you are filled with the out-most confidence! The skies the limit.

  4. Jesse permalink

    I am a Mormon, LDS to be exact…

    I have always dreamed a day when our true beliefs will be known throughout the world… This is one reason why I served a mission… I would be very exited if in anyway our belief will be brought to the streamline… I have always wanted to share what I believe in… For those who do not know our church or those who hates us… This will be like the fear of the unkown to them… But for me… It’s a dream come true… I pray for the day of its fulfillment… That would be a great day for all of us…

  5. nateelarton permalink

    I hope mormonisms true beliefs will be known. It is a lost religion, with emphasis on too much other than Jesus and his deity, salvation by grace, what the true church really is, and wildish, unproven claims of North America, Indians, and becoming gods. I pray the hidden doctrines that Mormons like to keep quiet to come out so people will not be deceived.

    Christians do not hate Mormons or Mormonism, but are saddened that people are blinded. I do not dislike anyone, but need to always hold up the truth. May God bless each Mormon and lead them to the true Jesus Christ of the Bible. Blessings to you all.

  6. I agree with Jesse. About half of Mormons donate two years of their lives begging door to door for people to get curious about their religion. After shouting from the rooftops about what they believe for almost 200 years, I think the members of the church will be ecstatic. Any attention is good attention.

  7. JLFuller permalink

    Everything Mormons believe and teach is available to anyone who wants to investigate. Nothing is left out. Some conspiracy believers have this idea that we are not telling the truth but when you ask why they think so, they drag out some nonesense that has been explained and debunked ad nauseum. is a site where Mormon apologists hang out and discuss the deep dark mysteries. My advice is to go to the sites I list below to get the basics first.

    We have been exaplaining and debunking the same stuff for decades and longer yet these same conspiracy believers never let up. It is always the same junk. If you want to know you can go to or and find out for yourself.

  8. ickinom2 permalink

    I would like someone to introduce me to one of these Mormons who is “petrified” or afraid in anyway of people digging into the “deep dark secrets” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I applaud anyone who actually takes the time to research the Church from credible sources, not just some anti’s opinion. We have not a single thing to hide. And I encourage you to contemplate the idea that not every person who is LDS is perfect… actually most of us would say we are far from it. So when you are analyzing our gospel, please look at the teachings of the church, and not just some idiots opinion (whether they be LDS or not). Judge the church for it’s teachings, not by it’s people (any church could be condemned by the foolish actions of it’s people!).

    Secondly, just because we believe that we have more potential to our lives throughout the eternity, or that we believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost as separate entities does not take away from our belief that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer… and I think that this is the basis of Christianity. How can I believe and follow in Christ, but not be a Christian?

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