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“Discussions” at LDS church headquarters “about both the positive and negative aspects of Romney’s presidential”

January 30, 2012

“There have been discussions at LDS church headquarters about both the positive and negative aspects of Romney’s presidential bid,” a person briefed on the talks said. “One concern is that Romney’s campaign could further energize evangelical antipathy toward the church. Another concern is that he could take positions that would complicate the church’s missionary efforts in the U.S. or other countries such as in Central and South America.” But on the positive side, the person said, “having a Mormon president could raise the church’s profile and legitimize it in other countries.” (Reuters)


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  1. Tom Broderick permalink

    The more the Mormon religion is discussed, the more it will demystify. As a Mormon convert I am often disappointed by sensational comments taken out of context without any reference to what Mormons really believe. As a Mormon I respect all religions, especially the Jewish, Christian and Muslim or Abrahamic religions. All have an element of truth and can bring individuals closer to God, of course as a Mormon I believe we have the fulness of the gospel and a more correct understanding. However love conquers all, as Christ said we should love God, and our neighbours, this is central to all of Gods commands and the common thread. If you really want to know what Mormons believe ask a Mormon or read our thirteen articles of faith. Don’t believe the anti Mormon propaganda.

    • Mormons believe they become GODS, converts aren’t taught that, it wasn’t brought up with me until my Mom asked me after she was confronted at work.

      Asking the Elders resulting in the lie – it was Joseph Smith, yes, in the King Follet Discourse, a funeral sermon, just giving hope for the grieving, it was never part of doctrine.

      BUT, Gospel Principle Exaltation Chapter, DC 132, Prophet Kimball, and several other Mormon Prophet all state Mormons, good temple worthy,married, Mormons, become GODS.

      Not LIKE a GOD, but will BECOME a GOD.

      So the truth isn’t even told to all the members, that is why Mormons hate the internet, it is harder to control the knowledge available to their youth who will begin to question the doctrines – once parents controlled the access to the proper books and magazines, but the internet has exposed the truth, and truth is what kills a cult.

      I do credit Mormonism though with perfecting the techniques of brainwashing,it begins at a young age being dragged up to the podium during fast and testimony and fed the answers – I know the book of mormon is TRUE, I know The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS is the only TRUE church on earth today – – yada yada – – the Creed of Mormonism..

      Repeat it often enough, it can be said in your sleep, and you won’t even know you are saying it.

      I feel sorry for Mormons, there is hope, repent like Christ says, disgard the false gospels of Joseph Smith, accept the real Jesus as your Savior, and ANY Christ-based church would be glad to accept you, and forgive you of your sins.

  2. Mike W permalink

    That sounds nice, but the LDS claim to be “the one true church” and Joseph Smith’s 1st vision declares all other creeds “are an abomination” and “wrong” and all their “professors” to be “corrupt”. Do you believe what you said above or what Morminism teaches?,4945,104-1-3-4,00.html

  3. Tom Broderick permalink

    I believe what I said and that God loves all his children of what ever religion. I beleive the Book of Mormon is true scripture. For me though I think doctrine comes second to love, as Paul put it in the new testament though a man could prophesy all things if he has not charity (Christ like love) he is as a sounding brass and tinkling symbol. I believe the professors referred to were those that persecuted Joseph as a 14 year old boy of no consequence, and lived in his local area. If God says the creeds are an abomination and wrong that is good enough for me, am I going to argue with God? But God loves all Christians of all denominations, he also loves Jews and Muslims and all man kind, doctrinal truth will be established by Christ when he returns as King of Kings. Primarily we will be judged by the love we have and may be forgiven of our sins as we accept Christs atonement. Read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true, you are entitled to an answer, I got mine.

    • When you pray to the devil, you get’s the devil’s reply. Paul speaks very clearly about false doctrines, false gospels and those that follow are being accursed in Galatians Chap One.

      The Mormon cult has it’s “investigators” read, pray, and ponder over the Moroni Promise to have God tell you if the Book of Mormon is true = praying to the devil, yields a devil’s reward.

      You soul isn’t eternal accursed to hell though, Jesus gives you a get out of jail free card, repent, recant Mormonism, accept Jesus Christ, not the Mormon Christ, as your personal Savior, and any Christ-based New Testament based church will welcome you home.

      Whether that is a non-denominational, baptist, lutheran, methodist, catholic, etc, etc – – is a personal choice – Christ -based, New Testament church.

      Like Motel 6, we’ll leave the light on for you.

  4. Lyn permalink

    That’s a nice proclamation of faith. But I don’t understand how you can follow a doctrine that was written by a man who clearly was not following the scriptures of the Bible. I don’t read anywhere in the Bible about “proxy baptisms”, nor this far fetched idea that there is no heaven or hell for believers. That the LDS men are to be set up as “a God” of their own planet in the afterlife, and their servants are the ones that they have baptised in “their own”name throughout their life, instead of using the only name given among men whereby we must be saved. and that name is Jesus Christ of nazareth! Acts 4: 12 Don’t know where the LDS dropped the ball. The Word of God, “The King James Bible”, brings salvation right on down to parishiners who are willing to step forward, pray and seek God for His forgivness and during much prayerful sincerety, according to the word of God and on the day of penetcost, Gods spirit came and dwelt in each of them in the upper room. How did they know that they rec’d the spirit of God??? He sent a sign that would be noised abroad. They would speak with cloven tongues like as of fire in the upper room after dwelling for 120 days? (Acts CH 2). I charge all of you…….get your nose in the book.The ORIGINAL KING JAMES VERSION. If its not in there, it’s a false doctrine.Throw away these man written doctrines that are as full of holes as a block of swiss cheese. Salvation has always been hidden to the eyes of the wise and hidden to the eyes of the blind. The more I learn from my LDS friends, the more my mind is boggled. And the more they are shown the correct use of the scriptures, they are not only mind boggled, but they question their belief system because the scripture plainly states what they are supposed to and not supposed to do. in their lives…….True Freedom Comes From Knowing TRUE TRUTH!

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