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Mormonism’s Refusal to Repent Over Institutional Sins Only Worsens the Ticking Romney-Timebomb

March 2, 2012

“If Romney gets the nomination, then we’ll see this issue blow up in such a way that the last few days will seem like a harmless firecracker.” (Mormon scholar Kevin Barney, Thinking Strategically about a Ban Disavowal)


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  1. Nathan permalink

    Good, I hope this religion is exposed for what it is, a joke and book of fiction. Mormonism is a religion that creates followers who believe we are all below them and that they will all ultimately become Gods, but only males have that possibility. Women are only allowed into heaven if their husbands allow them and when they make it to heaven they will be pregnant for eternity and give birth to more spirits. They believe God is an alien that lived on another planet and now rules the earth and all of us. Their God supposedly literally had sex with the virgin Mary and Jesus Christ is half alien God and half human. Can’t wait for this BS to come out and expose the psychotic beliefs of Mormons. Mormons segregate themselves from the rest of the world and believe that if people think their religion is false or weird it only confirms that their religion is the truth and the one and only. This sounds more like a cult to me that is afraid of their lies being exposed. Josh Powell just killed his wife, then axed his children and set them all on fire, haven’t seen him in those wholesome Mormon commercials of propaganda portraying how good all Mormons are. The Mormon church is spending tons of money on propaganda so people will vote for Mitt Romney not knowing what he truly believes in. Mormons take a vow and are threatened that if they divulge Mormon secrets they will be disembowled over the earth.

  2. Nathan permalink

    I forgot to add that John Smith, the prophet of the Mormon religion, based his writings off of some papyri that he obtained when he bought an Egyptian mummy from a traveling mummy show in the US back in the 1830s. Just one strange thing, he was not educated in translating these and claimed he was divinely inspired. Egyptologists have found some of the documents he translated and found that he did not translate them correctly. He seems to have been a scam artist just as Mitt Romney is. Mitt performed posthumous proxy baptisms on Jews that were murdered in the holocaust and people want him to be our president. If he is elected this country is truly full of crazy people! Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves that he is even being considered as a candidate, his beliefs are truly whacked! Mitt believes he will some day be a God and rule over another planet within our solar system, what a freaking joke! The GOP voters have truly gone mad even nominating such a nutjob!

  3. Nathan permalink

    John Smith also went around marrying other men’s wives and underage daughters and sisters, one being 14 and the other being 12. He had multiple wives and was a child molester if you asked me. If John Smith was around today he would have to register as a sex offender and be thrown in jail for polygamy, John Smith is Mitt Romney’s prophet and he looks up to John Smith, it is very disturbing to me that people in the GOP don’t have a problem with this not to mention that there are that many people brainwashed within a religion created by a scam artist in order to have sex with minors and as many women as possible. Also, for all of those women out there, in the Mormon religion women are thought of as second class citizens and are only allowed into heaven if their husbands allow them to be. I guess if Romney had it his way we would also probable take women’s right to vote away. My advice for all you voters out there, do your research before you vote for someone, just because he is a republican doesn’t mean he is a good person, he believes in a religion that has been proved as a scandal and a cult that brainwashes and threatens its members which believe we are satanic if we question them. Mormons feel that they are privileged people and above the rest of us because they know the real truth of God and about Jesus according to their prophet John Smith. This to me sounds a lot like David Koresh.

    • Seperatechurchandstate permalink

      Exactly right on Nathan, aren’t all religions selling the same message(more or less) to their followers? Seperate Church and State must be adhered to if people, as a whole, are to lift themselves from oppression. Faith is divine, religion is corrupt.

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