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“Mitt Romney and the Mormon factor”

April 5, 2012

Aljazeera shines more embarrassing light on Mormonism. All because “in what could be a tight race with Barack Obama, Romney’s Mormon faith might be a deciding factor… Romney has done his best to avoid all discussion of his Mormon faith in the 2012 race. According to Phil Barlow, a professor of religion at Utah State University who was a counselor to Romney when he was a bishop in the Boston area, Romney and his campaign regard any speech about his faith as a ‘lose, lose situation’.”

Cultural Mormon Joanna Brooks tells Aljazeera what supposed “anti-Mormons” have been saying for over a century:

“There is a quality about his guardedness, his woodenness, his stiffness that I see as being a legacy of the way Mormons have related to the outside world… There’s still a tendency in the Mormon faith to this day to speak amongst ourselves one way [and] tell the world something slightly different that will protect the beliefs we want to hold sacred.


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  1. I think the LDS theology is wonderful though often misrepresented by opponents, who are often more interested in mudslinging than establishing the facts. However what is more relevant to the Presidential election is what have Mormons working with the White House done in the past. One great example is Elder V Dallas Merrell a Mormon (LDS) church leader who worked with President Ronald Reagan’s administration and established a process for assessing and training leaders that became the subject of a Presidential Executive Order that was implemented throughout the entire federal government. This is an example of the type of political leadership a Mormon is likely to promote. See
    One might also consider the leadership publications of Stephen Covey another influential Mormon; including “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” These teachings have been applied in most major corporations in the USA, government and organizations around the world, and are currently available in most book stores.

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