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Mormonism, Shadowy Religion, Wary of Increasing Spotlight

April 11, 2012

Thomas Burr And Peggy Fletcher Stack write in the Salt Lake Tribune:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is likely to see more scrutiny than it did during the Olympics — now through a political lens. Ben Park, an LDS doctoral student at the University of Cambridge in England, said Mormons will face a host of new perspectives. “Prior to this,” Park writes in an email, “it’s only been evangelicals and the religious right. … This will be the first time they confront thoughtful secular criticisms — the kind that can’t be shrugged off as anti-Mormon bigotry and will actually cause reflection.” That may prompt a bit of a pause with some of the LDS faithful, who find themselves hopeful for a candidate but also wary of the spotlight. “There is a curious mixture of excitement and apprehension [about Romney’s likely nomination] among Mormons, whatever their political persuasion,” says LDS writer and blogger Jana Riess in Cincinnati. “We are hyper-aware of our minority status in America and concerned that increased public scrutiny of our faith will prove painful.”

I have written elsewhere:

“On a personal level, I get the impression that committed Mormons oftentimes want at some level for their religion to be misunderstood, for it to remain esoteric and elusive. It is as though direct light on the shadowy religion would kill the precious shadow itself, hence it must be protected from the light of illumination. There is power seen in ambiguity, strength in ambivalence, solidarity in equivocation, encouragement in non-officiality.”

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  1. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I say bring on the light. We have nothing to hide or fear.

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