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My name is Aaron Shafovaloff. I live in Midvale, Utah, as a husband, father to two children, computer programmer, and missionary to Mormons. I am an evangelical Christian, and I’m banking on the promise of Romans 4:5, that God justifies the ungodly like me by faith. I run, founded, and work with Mormonism Research Ministry (an evangelical organization that I am not speaking for on this blog). I am the producer of the movie, “Mitt Romney and Mormonism.” I have an affection for the Mormon people and a love for much of the culture, but I am frustrated with the deception over Mormon beliefs, apathy toward truth, and belittling of the glory and nature of God. I am far more interested in using the buzz generated over Romney as an occasion to publicly expose and appraise Mormonism (in contrast with Biblical Christianity) than I am over the question of whether evangelicals should/will vote for a Mormon president, although I do think the question is important.

As an evangelical who knows quite a bit about Mormonism, I think I have a duty to help inform the evangelical conscience. The largest sect of Mormonism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, worships at the altar of public opinion. It suspended its practice of polygamy to gain statehood, made changes to temple rituals based on marketing surveys, and obscured its most fundamental doctrines in order to more effectively mainstream. It has a fine way of using vague, ambiguous language to describe its beliefs, and there isn’t any doubt in my mind that the Mormon PR department is shifting into high-gear behind the scenes. This blog exists to help you navigate the sort of mess created when you have the Mormon Church catering to public opinion and much of the press catering to the Mormon Church.

Grace and peace in Christ,

Aaron Shafovaloff


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