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Romney’s Candidacy Continues to Bring Exposure to Mormonism’s Shameful History

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell goes after Brigham Young’s racism, and the Mormon Church’s refusal to explicitly categorize him as a non-disciple of Christ.

Update: O’Donnell is being branded in the media as “intolerant”, an “anti-Mormon bigot”, etc. Regardless of his liberal axe to grind, O’Donnell made a sound argument that ought to be addressed.

Update #2: I mistakenly attributed the last link to Francis Beckwith, when in fact it was a comment on his post, not the post itself. Sorry about that, Dr. Beckwith.


Mitt, Monson, and Machiavellianism

“I don’t think Mitt gives a flying fig what Thomas Monson thinks about any political questions. He probably would if he thought it would increase his chances at getting elected, but you’re not giving his machiavellianism nearly enough credit.” (source)

Mormon apostle confronted over pre-1990 throat-slitting and disembowelment temple oaths

Mormonism’s image continues to suffer the exposing consequences of Romney’s candidacy.

Should Christians Vote for Mormon Presidential Candidates?

“As the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney for the White House continues to generate interest in the church’s theological past…”

“As the presidential campaign of Mitt Romney for the White House continues to generate interest in the church’s theological past, LDS leaders would be well-served to acknowledge this doctrine, apologize for it and move on. Until they have the courage to do that, more people like Bott will get their knuckles rapped, and more people will ask why the church sweeps its racial history under a rug.” – Matthew L. Harris,  associate professor and director of graduate studies in history at Colorado State University-Pueblo in Pueblo, Colo, “Why is LDS Church denying past doctrine?”

“Teddy bear answers on tough questions won’t cut it anymore”

“But with more openness, and a Mormon who may occupy the White House in 2013, teddy bear answers on tough questions won’t cut it anymore… It will be a challenge in this century for the LDS Church and its members to make the transition from teddy bear truth to grizzly bear truth and make hard-to-understand doctrines easier to comprehend.” (Doug Gibson, “Grizzly bear truth versus teddy bear truth trips up Mormonism”)

Mormonism’s Refusal to Repent Over Institutional Sins Only Worsens the Ticking Romney-Timebomb

“If Romney gets the nomination, then we’ll see this issue blow up in such a way that the last few days will seem like a harmless firecracker.” (Mormon scholar Kevin Barney, Thinking Strategically about a Ban Disavowal)